Savoir Au Revoir

I know it’s not your fault Poppy, You didn’t mean to leave, But when you did you took my soul, And now I cannot breathe. I think it’s what’s been haunting me, My heart without a friend, Cause they were close, my heart and soul, Until you reached the end. And then came Mama after you, She chased you through a window, And yet my heart grew foolishly, It let its guard down low. My soul has gone to visitRead more


There was a time when this memory was real. The time has passed, yet the memories don’t heal. Now as I sit, afraid to look back, I question if forward is present without past. My eyes are fooled by this charade, Future is ephemeral beyond that our lives fade. Do I need my enmity that’s shadowing behind, The thoughts of vicious devilry, the voices in my mind. Delve into my underworld where Sisyphus resides, An evade-all-mercy psychopath is running myRead more

Invisible City

The sky bled into white clouds that opened into light. Come into me. A twister cut the sky in half further away forming. The clouds were cut in half by the trail of a plane. The dark encroached on the break in the sky—the opening where she fell through. Nothing moved around her. The city was in the sky. Mountains above the oceans. How many shades of blue. And we are in the underworld. She evaporates into the city, throughRead more


If grass of green were to judge skies Of dark and gloomy blue Before the sun had chance to rise And melt the morning dew, The grass should soon come to realize Because of rain it grew And sun looks better to ones eyes After storms pass through. That I of you want nothing more Than to be grass of green That does not by the rain keep score But by the fires you’ve seen. Unceasing sun becomes a choreRead more

Eulogy to Language

After these words are written, after they have been absorbed, only then will they be true. Because as I write them, everything they are supposed to mean is made false by their very existence on the page. It is when the words are no longer here, when there are no words in existence to express their absence, then they will mean what they desperately want to. Language is lying, not quite dead. And as it writes itself into its ownRead more

Dear Jonathan

Dear Jonathan, I just wanted to let you know why I could not complete this week’s assignment. Please bear with my verbose explanation. As I was out walking and brainstorming thousands of edgy approaches to completing the assignment (all of which would have surely been spectacular stories if the “incident” had not happened), I came across a gothic style church. It was out of the way and behind a flat concrete wall, and I thought it would be an appropriateRead more

Black Beauty

As ugly as the hoofprint is, Beaten into God’s own pores, The creature that possessed the hoof, Is beautiful and dark. Blending in with what it conquers, With simple tired steps, Leaves deep subconscious prints. Then unknowingly moves on, Leaving dirt on its feet, And suffocating what was buried.Read more

Paper Hands

I lay next to you either for the last time, or for eternity. Your paper hand in mine. My hair, white, as I never imagined it, though my reflection has revealed its truth for years. Am I not still a little girl? And your hair, brittle. Like your fingers in mine, placed, but not quite holding. And here we are, side by side, as we have been for years. Decades. The final race. Will you be first, or will I?Read more

Reflections in White Water

I was, at first, inclined to write about running away from my mistakes to the protective arms of New York City. But it snowed today. I forgot about all that had happened, and just took in the beauty. That is the power of New York. To one moment seem unbearable, and the next, make you believe that you are more than just a solitary human among a vast universe. Were we that insignificant, God would not waste his time onRead more

The D’s and the B’s

Finally! I am fulfilling my implantation duties! I! am! the chosen one! The latexed fingers of the surgeon squeezed the B-cup saline implant. From the beginning. Ah, the necessities of breast implants. The elastomer shell with its clever self-sealing filling valve on the front. Or the back! It doesn’t matter which, as long as when they’re filled with that silicone gel or saline, they expand like angry blowfish. And this is appealing to a large amount of men. (…?) Oh but theRead more

Representation as Misrepresentation: Ethics as the Source of Evil

NB: The definition of ‘evil’ that will be used henceforth is “immoral and malevolent.” For the sake of argumentation, I will not address the question of what “evil” is beyond this definition. Immanuel Kant contributed much to philosophy. His ideas provide a foundation for many of our present day arguments. Among other works, he is famous for his Critique of Pure Reason as well as his Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals. Adolf Eichmann is famous for standing trial asRead more