Crumbling angels fall to dust,
Fractured souls of the guilty.
Between the cracks is endless dark,
The color of the filthy.

Translucent is the surface,
Of an angel’s naked breast.
A vengeful heart reveals itself,
Decaying and possessed.

God had lied, given false eyes,
To he who sought the truth.

The angel who had come too close,
To the ghost of God himself,
Revealed the fractured soul of God.
As punishment, he fell.

“I traveled to the depths of Hell,
To find the liars drinking tea,
With God as though he were their friend,
And questioned if it’s truth I see.

‘God why have I met you here,
Among the wretched and hollow,
Is this an illusion,
Or is all else I know?

What is beneath the surface,
Of the blue skies that you paint?
What is it that you hide from us?
What more truths did you taint?’

And he replied ‘I do not lie,
You’re ignorant of truth.
Your God is as the world you see,
Hallucinations and false hope.

There is no God, no good, just me,
And I create your Hell.
You’re trapped in thinking things exist,
But to yourself it’s lies you tell.

Your iris is a cover,
For the black inside your eye.
When you see light your iris grows,
Blocking that dark truth.’

‘Then take away my iris, god,
Show me what I can’t see,
I’ve found you lurking with the foul,
Make my eyes the fallen Eve’s.’

“Then god did as I asked of him,
Showed me his black soul too,
And Hell in flames, and Satan God,
Was the reality I thought I knew.”

And so the angel knew too much,
Cut off his false white wings,
And hated god for showing him,
The warped and truthful things.