What time has passed!

What time has passed?

What time hath past,

At last.


Alas past hath passed

Past past did pass,

At last is past

Passed at last.

Dear Friends, In My Unforgivable Absence I Bring You…an ti ci pa tion.

Anticipation. Is what? For if anticipation can build from nothing, out of nothing, is it anything at all? If nothing cannot be created from nothing, what have I given you? Nothing.

And yet! Dear Friends. The anticipation of giving has not been nothing. Indeed. In your nothingness I have experienced great anxiety. anticipation. But it was my nothingness that sourced your nothingness. And yet. My nothingness did spawn anticipation.

Have you been faithful? I have not.

And anticipation grows. From nothing! Imagine: You have the power to defy physics with your mind. To defy logic. And conclude something very real. The power of the mind is illogical. Indeed. And real, then, is illogical to suit. To suite. Suivre. Sivre.

No? No! Then look into your mind and pull out what doesn’t exist. If my illogic is false, then you are wrong, as I have stipulated it into being. And with it comes a freedom to anticipate from nothing. And from that anticipation sprang forth something more real.

My words to you, if not real, are imagined. And your eyes drink the empty screen. But this is false. You are reading this now. I know. Because if you hadn’t, my words would mean nothing. But your presence gives them form. As my…anticipation…gave nothing form. Do you see? I will return, Dear Friends, from nothing. Alas! Alas! At last.