Phase 1

Phase 1. I am little. I learn to play the beginner’s version of “Sunrise, Sunset” on the piano. It’s fun. My father brushes my hair. I ask him, “How do we know that we’re awake and this isn’t a dream?”

Phase 2. I’m working the summer before college. I missed my mother’s call. She wanted to have lunch. I realize it’s probably the last time we would have been able to do that, since I’m leaving for college.

Phase 3. I’m a freshman. I walk around Washington Square Park and think, “In four years, it’ll all be over.”

Phase 4. Two years after graduating college, I realize that I’ll probably never live with my parents again, and I haven’t for six years.

Phase 6.

Phase 7. I missed Phase 6.

Phase 8. My brother is married.

Phase 9. I’m single again.

Phase 10. ‘Why is this happening?’

Phase 11. My company fails. Phase 12. Half my life ago, I wrote this. Phase 13. It’s too late. Phase 14. ‘Why is this happening again?’ Phase 15.Phase16.Phase17.Phase…


Phase N. My granddaughter plays “Sunrise, Sunset” on the piano next to my hospital bed.

Phase N+1. The sun sets.