Philosopagus Seven 003

1) The wind walloped him. An invisible enemy, but he didn’t mind. The noise quieted his restless thoughts.
2) He looked out into the ocean, the same color as the unlit sky, blending into one another seamlessly.
3) Seamlessly. He searched for it. What exists within that invisible seam, between the ocean and the stars? The wind pushed him forward.
4) Not yet. He wasn’t ready yet. He held onto the rail of the peeling red bridge and looked out, noticing the cold of the summer air.
5) He noticed everything. Felt everything. Remembered everything. Fresh-cut grass. Ex-wife’s lips, wet with salty grief. Baby shoes, unworn.
6) As his foot lifted off the ledge, he thought “this is a mistake.”
7) As he floated through the seam of the ocean and the sky, he thought “this is all that’s left of me.”