Philosopagus Seven 005

1) I was already in bed when you got home from work that night. You used to tuck me in. Some nights I’d pretend to be asleep.
2) One night you waited silently at my bedside. I listened, pretending. Waiting to hear you leave.
3) I can’t remember why I pretended to be asleep. Prognosticating what’s to come years later.
4) I didn’t hear you. You must have left, not wanting to wake me. I slowly turn around in my loft bed.
5) You were there, waiting. You knew I was awake, and you jumped out at me. I squealed, and you laughed.
6) And I was happy you tricked me. But, through your laugh, did you know I pretended to be asleep?
7) The first frayed thread of our bond. I pull. A childhood, unraveled, hiding from you.