‘Trust me’ said the ocean, vast and deep atop pearl sand,
but raw sand’s had pearl stripped before while ignoring the truth
‘I do not trust you ocean, for your waves are dark and strong
I think you use safe blue as lure, you’re preying on my youth.’

But why the honest ripple do I see from time to time?
can I trust that I can’t trust when clear blue does show through?
Beneath the gripping hand of depth, the hand I cannot see
it pulls me in to pound me down and take me out to sea.

Is darkness there just to protect the nature of the deep
ocean can’t reveal true blue for fear of losing power
clear blue appears through dark sometimes then quickly covers —
do I see this in ocean or is it a reflection of myself
my pearly depths appearing clear sans caution, guard or strength.
I do so wish to trust your depth’s more of the clear I see
and that you’ve never been so clear and are concealing vulnerability.

‘What draws you too me, sand, you are still at my side’
Your beauty and I wonder if some of it is true.
‘but ocean you will turn again, your waves will take you out
Why are you pursuing me, you know there is an end.
But my lust returns to me when I don’t believe I can’t.

The ocean rolls passionately onto the pearly sand
and once again the ocean clears, and dark covers again.
but how I wish to trust that clear is what is true
to lighten pearl just to believe that I can trust dark too.