Savoir Au Revoir

I know it’s not your fault Poppy,
You didn’t mean to leave,
But when you did you took my soul,
And now I cannot breathe.

I think it’s what’s been haunting me,
My heart without a friend,
Cause they were close, my heart and soul,
Until you reached the end.

And then came Mama after you,
She chased you through a window,
And yet my heart grew foolishly,
It let its guard down low.

My soul has gone to visit you,
And Mama and the rest,
I want my heart to shrivel down,
To nothing in my chest.

I thought I could forget it all,
And never feel again,
So I locked up my too large heart,
And starved it so it’s thin.

But I was wrong and now it’s weak,
And fragile, but not dead,
Without its layers it feels more,
It got inside my head.

So now I’m here somewhere below,
Your gates still closed to me,
And here I face the final blow,
Your face I’ll never see.