L’Insoutenable légèreté de LIS

He stood, watching the sun burn out. Well. In his mind he stood. He remembered what it was like to stand. He remembers standing. How his legs felt, which muscles engaged, he never noticed. What is it to stand, anyway? He sat in his wheelchair, aware. He felt the cold. He saw the cold. He saw the nurse leaning down next to him, looking out. There she was. And where was he? He sat in his wheelchair, trapped. His legsRead more

Unspoken Words

If I had said, “It’s OK, we will be alright,” would that have made it easier for him to let go? The plane went down. And he was alone. I wasn’t there. And yet, it’s so present in my mind. He felt the force of the nosedive press his back against his seat. Or was that his arms, pushing down on the armrests, throwing his back into the musty blue seat? He tries to keep far away from the noseRead more