Reflections in White Water - I was, at first, inclined to write about running away from my mistakes to the protective arms of New York City. But it snowed today. I forgot about all that had happened, and just took in the beauty. That is the power of New York. To one moment seem unbearable, and the next, make you believe that you are more than just a solitary human among a vast universe. Were we that insignificant, God would not waste his time onRead more
Subway - I rode the subway today with no destination in mind. With me were three people I did not know that had met up randomly during our individual attempts to complete the same physics lab. I watched the doors open urgently as if to vomit out the passengers. The crowd. And the loneliness. My three companions headed toward the same unknown as I, searching for honesty–for a clarification to a question that none of us can formulate. Perhaps finding the answerRead more