Savoir Au Revoir - I know it’s not your fault Poppy, You didn’t mean to leave, But when you did you took my soul, And now I cannot breathe. I think it’s what’s been haunting me, My heart without a friend, Cause they were close, my heart and soul, Until you reached the end. And then came Mama after you, She chased you through a window, And yet my heart grew foolishly, It let its guard down low. My soul has gone to visitRead more
Ephemera - There was a time when this memory was real. The time has passed, yet the memories don’t heal. Now as I sit, afraid to look back, I question if forward is present without past. My eyes are fooled by this charade, Future is ephemeral beyond that our lives fade. Do I need my enmity that’s shadowing behind, The thoughts of vicious devilry, the voices in my mind. Delve into my underworld where Sisyphus resides, An evade-all-mercy psychopath is running myRead more
Invisible City - The sky bled into white clouds that opened into light. Come into me. A twister cut the sky in half further away forming. The clouds were cut in half by the trail of a plane. The dark encroached on the break in the sky—the opening where she fell through. Nothing moved around her. The city was in the sky. Mountains above the oceans. How many shades of blue. And we are in the underworld. She evaporates into the city, throughRead more
P.O.E. - If grass of green were to judge skies Of dark and gloomy blue Before the sun had chance to rise And melt the morning dew, The grass should soon come to realize Because of rain it grew And sun looks better to ones eyes After storms pass through. That I of you want nothing more Than to be grass of green That does not by the rain keep score But by the fires you’ve seen. Unceasing sun becomes a choreRead more
The Disintegration of Now - How now is soon to become then, As future slips to now. Alas, what lies ahead is past.Read more
Black Beauty - As ugly as the hoofprint is, Beaten into God’s own pores, The creature that possessed the hoof, Is beautiful and dark. Blending in with what it conquers, With simple tired steps, Leaves deep subconscious prints. Then unknowingly moves on, Leaving dirt on its feet, And suffocating what was buried.Read more
Orpheu - An angel at the pearly gate, Behind these foolish bars, Plaster a smile for awhile, For you I will wait. These wings of mine are just for show, Mere feathers on the street, My love twice killed and your blood too, Will soon like lava flow. A thousand angels’ glistening sweat, Protects you from your fate, The beads of pure and dancing souls, Halt payment of your debt. We’ll meet again when wings are ash, Your deed must be returned,Read more
Blue - ‘Trust me’ said the ocean, vast and deep atop pearl sand, but raw sand’s had pearl stripped before while ignoring the truth ‘I do not trust you ocean, for your waves are dark and strong I think you use safe blue as lure, you’re preying on my youth.’ But why the honest ripple do I see from time to time? can I trust that I can’t trust when clear blue does show through? Beneath the gripping hand of depth, theRead more
The Murder - She stands at the mirror unable to see, The cloth darkens her eyes. And her lips drip with red and her tongue like a snake’s, With her wrists bound as one they leave blood on her spine, and she laughs, without eyes, at what she would be. She looks out from the glass at her own writhing corpse, Her jaw locked with bars she can only observe, She torches her eyes and flames tear through her soul, And she screams,Read more
Euthanasia - The narcissistic necrophile kills himself and the wind mocks the silence of the still and the rain replaces tears of those he loved. And in the end he’s alive again and in a crowd he suffers becoming envious of those stillborn. The beginning of the circle reaches him again and he looks out from the bridge. High above the cemeteries tries to burrow into loneliness but grows winged feet. He cannot jump and has no hands his punishment is lifeRead more
Ode to a Higher Power - It is beyond me to explain it, The circus of this existence. The level of sublimity has skyrocketed. We are palpably in another stratosphere, Light-years away. I am humbled by its greatness. My mere common sense is no match, For the divine idiocy, Of my manager.Read more
Autumn Sonata - With the wind growing silent as the night moves in, The fallen leaves shudder once, a temptation of a sin. That time cannot be shorter once it’s already been too long, Think leaves that lie on the buried earth wishing they were wrong. To lure a cyclone back to dirt that lies still under grass, Only to recall that leaves will never be given the chance to pass, As low or green and if they were they’d dessicate and crack,Read more
Flight of Mind - In search for one I found the rest, And realized I am second best, For greatness lies in only those residing with the less. If with himself is that which whom he truly is impressed, Then one must flee his habitat which has his mind oppressed.Read more
Illusion - Crumbling angels fall to dust, Fractured souls of the guilty. Between the cracks is endless dark, The color of the filthy. Translucent is the surface, Of an angel’s naked breast. A vengeful heart reveals itself, Decaying and possessed. God had lied, given false eyes, To he who sought the truth. The angel who had come too close, To the ghost of God himself, Revealed the fractured soul of God. As punishment, he fell. “I traveled to the depths of Hell,Read more
Adam - Underwater I awake, with empty lungs beside a snake, With bloodshot ears upon deaf eyes, I know the world without disguise, I taste the ocean mixed with tears, and wait until I’m free from fears, I could not kiss the lips of Death underwater without breath.Read more
The Great Black - Great despair is sometimes known, To those who do not cry, Though in great minds where none is shown, True despair does lie.Read more
Christmas again - How time has flown but never ends, A second it has yet to miss.Read more
Dandelion - The grey hairs of a dandelion, Blown to pieces by a fly, Blindly float beyond their grave, Then settle down nearby. Like the grey-haired dandelion, Dispersed and sprouting new, I learn to live at wind’s request, With broken wings I flew. Nestled in the air a hundred feet from up or down, I ponder which small fly it was that turned me upside down. As I safely land amongst a fresh tomato patch, I thank him for his small mistake–aRead more